Loans for any purpose – where can you get them?

 A loan or a loan can be taken for a variety of purposes – for example, for a car, apartment, vacation, renovation. Some purchases, like an apartment, can only be financed by a mortgage, but many people look for a loan for any purpose .

It can be assumed that the lack of a question about the purpose of the loan is one of the factors that caused such a huge development of the non-banking sector. However, banks can now also find many loan offers without having to specify a specific purpose.

Any goal, any choice

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The borrower currently has a wide range of options, but each option has its pros and cons: payday payday at a non-bank company – short-term support, quick and easily accessible, new clients often borrow no more than PLN 1,500, but they can take advantage of the free loan promotion. installment loan in a non-bank company – you can get up to PLN 10-15 thousand for a maximum of 24 months in this way.

This is an expensive solution

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But the criteria are more liberal than the option below. bank loan – a product similar to an installment loan, but with a definite advantage in the form of costs that are lower and amounts available (even tens of thousands of zlotys).

Installment loans granted by non-bank companies are becoming more and more popular on the Lendy market. It is a convenient solution, which is chosen by people who cannot get a loan from the bank or who choose as an alternative to payday loans, which should usually be repaid within a short period, for example 30 days. Customers are looking for solutions tailored to their capabilities.

In today’s article

We’ll look at installment loans with a decreasing installment. Are such financial products available on the Lendy market? How do they differ from loans with a fixed installment? As you can see, financial support for any purpose can be obtained in various ways . Thinking about which option is best to use, let’s think about our situation – each choice entails the appropriate consequences.