Where to Get a Loan Without Guarantors and Additional Papers

Where to get a loan without guarantors and additional papers and save time. When the borrower submits an application for a loan to the bank, it subconsciously pursues two goals: that the request is finally approved and that the loan is not delayed in any way.

A person is looking for options to take a loan quickly and without unnecessary problems for himself: without collecting a pile of papers, without attracting guarantors and without the risk of his own property. That’s what bankers think about the explicable motivation of people to get instant credit.


Where to get a loan without guarantors and additional papers easier in a short time

Where to get a loan without guarantors and additional papers easier in a short time

Time is such a thing … Today it seems to be in abundance, but tomorrow it is sorely lacking. With money, a similar situation. A person lives on the same salary, and here at one moment misfortune befalls him. It doesn’t even matter which one: robbed, lost at the stakes or the situation forces you to spend money to buy expensive drugs. The main thing is that after the onset of force majeure a person is left without money. But money is so needed …

Having fallen into a financial pit and not having achieved material support from close relatives or friends, a person begins to think about applying to the bank. But before going to a specific address, people try to figure out: where is it easier to get a loan and under what conditions, then you have to return it.

Just at this moment, the future borrower faces a dilemma. Which is better: take money on credit quickly, ideally, a couple of tens of minutes after submitting the application and papers, or wait and beat out a favorable loan rate for yourself and reduce the amount of associated costs. The first option is better than others.

Borrower’s logic is easy to calculate. Profitable loan is, of course, explicable. Not only will it take at least two or three days to complete, but it’s also not a fact that the bank will then issue a loan. In case of refusal to look for another bank again, submit a new application and again wait for uncertainty about a positive outcome. How much time will it take!

That’s what people do differently. They take note of more than one bank where they can get a loan quickly, declare to each of them and, having learned about the results of the consideration of the applications submitted, choose the acceptable option on the same day and calmly receive the money that is extremely necessary.


Where to quickly get a loan

Where to quickly get a loan

Despite some global upheavals that somehow affected the economy, the banks issuing cash on the same day did not become less. Banks had to raise interest rates, but the rest of the conditions for the provision of express products remained unchanged.

  • Renaissance Credit is a vivid example of such a bank.

Cash loan as in 2014, continues to be issued within an hour from the date of application. The approval of the loan, the bank and does make in 10 minutes. The rest of the time, here is spent on signing papers and getting the right amount on hand. For haste, Renaissance takes from 19.9% ​​per annum from clients with a normal dossier to 36.9% from outspoken novices. From the papers requires a passport and a second ID. So, if you want to take a loan quickly, without references and other unnecessary papers, try to turn to the Renaissance proposal first. If you are not satisfied, pick up another lender.


  • Favorable conditions today offer ” OTP-Bank ” and ” Bank Home Credit “.

Both there and there, borrowers are given an offer to take a consumer loan quickly and on the basis of two already familiar papers. The only thing that scares is the annual overpayment: in Home Credit, it is fixed at 24.9-54.6% per annum, and in OTP, its lower value only starts from 42.9%. Nothing can be done about this – there are no cheap express loans at all.


  • Sberbank of Russia and VTB Bank of Moscow also offer express credit terms.

These banks spoil only selected customers (to be more precise – those who transfer a pension or salary to a personal or deposit account opened with a bank). But as a pet! The application is considered for a couple of hours, a passport is requested from the papers, and the rate is set at 16.9-23% per annum. So quickly get a consumer loan, but on such conditions – a dream. It remains only to become a payroll client of the institution of such a plan.


Where to get a loan without guarantors

Where to get a loan without guarantors

Banks insure all sorts of risks, each according to a personal strategy. Some give out consumer express loans and raise rates. Others impose a personal insurance service. Well and the third – establish the obligatory requirement in the form of the fact of the guarantee of the physical person. With the latter, by the way, problems for borrowers occur much more often. This is because it is difficult today to find a solvent guarantor who would agree to act as a guarantor of the fulfillment of debt obligations. It is easier to leave the idea of ​​getting an express loan.

Well, or, alternatively, contact the bank from among the loyal. In the same “VTB Bank of Moscow”, where it is easy to get an express loan at 21.9% per annum. Guarantors for registration, the credit institution does not attract, but requests an extensive package of papers. In addition to the Russian passport and second certificate (driver’s license or passport for foreign trips), it includes a salary certificate and a copy of the employment record officially certified by the employer. When making an application online, the bank undertakes to make a decision on the loan in a couple of minutes. No less quickly, a preliminary response on the Internet application will be given in Citibank .

Without a guarantor, a pledge of real estate and other options, cash here is issued at 18-28% per annum. As for the papers, the number will be limited to two. The first, of course, will be the passport of the Russian Federation. The role of the second will try on itself: a passport with marks of going abroad, a 2-NDFL certificate or a certificate of registration of a foreign vehicle.

Again, do not forget, and Sberbank. In addition to salaries and retirees, whom the bank offers to take out a loan quickly without guarantors, borrowers from the number of unprivileged are served here. The rate for them is set in the range of 22-27.5% per annum. Passport and papers confirming employment and sufficient level of solvency are requested. Money consumer credit, in the absence of doubts about the integrity of the client, issued within a day.


Where to get a quick loan without documents?

Where to get a quick loan without documents?

No matter how much the borrowers want this, today it’s not possible to get a loan from a bank without a single documentary confirmation. Except for the loan application, the applicant for borrowed funds requires two more papers. Among them – a passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation and a second identity card to choose from the list proposed by the bank, where, as a rule, papers like:

  • TIN certificates;
  • certificate of a pensioner or student card;
  • driver’s license;
  • international passport;
  • voluntary life and health insurance policy;
  • state pension insurance policy;
  • CASCO policy;

Such a simple set of evidence will allow you to take a loan with minimal paperwork – if not cheap, but quickly and seamlessly. Even in times of crisis, there are many similar products on the lending market. With express loans with a minimum of securities, banks with government support and organization of the average arm, and even outspoken market outsiders, do not shun work.

In a separate caste of customers, banks often allocate “their” borrowers. We are talking about current investors, salary projects participants and employees of partner enterprises. In the “native” bank, customers get the right to issue a loan with a minimum package of papers and claim a number of other privileges that facilitate the execution of a loan agreement, such as:

  • consideration of the application in a couple of minutes;
  • interest rate reduction to the lowest possible level;
  • applying for a loan from home, by applying online or in a foreign region.

If we talk about specific proposals, then on the general background, again, stands out a series of credit programs of the bank “Renaissance”. The creators of the product line go to meet regular customers, retirees, newcomers and people with positive lending experience. These categories of citizens in the Renaissance receive an express loan without any extra paper, the application for which the bank will consider in 10 minutes, and the money will be issued within 60 Is not it a tempting option.


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