5 takeaways from the latest fundraising revelations

Lawmakers planning to hit the exits still have plenty of cash in their campaign accounts. The six senators (one Democrat and five Republicans) who are retiring had more than $50 million on Dec. 31, while House members have a remaining political balance of $33.3 million, according to a CQ analysis. Roll Call.

Outgoing senators have repaid $1.3 million in contributions in 2021, while their House counterparts revealed they have repaid $1.1 million. When members of Congress retire before the primary election and do not participate in the general election, they must repay any contributions received for the general election. Other than that, outgoing members are not required to issue refunds of unspent campaign funds and have some discretion on how they may use them after Congress.

5. Walking trails in NC

Former North Carolina Rep. Mark Walker’s announcement last week that he would stay in the Senate race rather than seek a House seat came as he trailed several main rivals in the GOP during the fourth quarter fundraiser.

Walker, who retired rather than seek re-election in 2020 in a district redrawn by the courts to heavily favor Democrats, raised $146,000 in the fourth quarter. By comparison, Rep. Ted Budd, who has Trump’s endorsement, raised $968,000, while former Gov. Pat McCrory raised $748,000 and political newcomer Marjorie Eastman raised $423,000.

Trump had offered to endorse Walker for the House if he dropped out of the Senate race, but Walker decided to take a chance.

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