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NEEDHAM, Mass., December 14, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Travel in 2021 may have had its beginnings and stops, but one thing was certain this year: Travelers’ appetites to get out and explore have shown no signs of waning. While travel as we know it may have been different this year, people have always had their fill in one way or another. As we close the year today Tripadvisor, the world’s largest travel advice platform, looks back over the past 12 months on some of the ways we’ve re-engaged the world as connected, supported and guided travelers to each other to discover all the good in 2021 .

The pandemic continued to have a profound impact on travel and tourism. However, despite closures and travel restrictions from afar, travelers remained optimistic and positive about the resumption of travel.

In fact, over 44 million new travelers joined the Tripadvisor community in 2021, and 2.5 million travelers posted a review for the first time in a year.

Orientation and people-centered travel remain at the heart of Tripadvisor’s focus. Without advice, recommendations and suggestions from people who have been there before, Tripadvisor wouldn’t be the invaluable resource it has become for the platform’s millions of visitors each month. Travelers love @ alessandrofL127YD deserve special mention – its 358 reviews in 2021 alone garnered 26,259 upvotes from other travelers who found them helpful.

Critics aside, here are a few other inspiring 2021 ideas worth celebrating:

  • Travelers have taken a lot of trips this year
    • More than 7 million new Trips (travel itineraries) have been created on our platform – If you made one trip a day, it would take you more than 13,830 years to do everything.
    • The planning was endless, both the little getaways and the big occasions. Just ask travelers who have named their trips “Momma needs a getaway so no momma go out” and “Where is Alexis going to propose?
  • Travelers took the time to appreciate each other and the interactions they managed to have, either virtually or in person
    • “Thank you” has been mentioned over 41 million times in reviews and forums this year.
  • Despite the impact of COVID-19 and its effect on travel, travelers have managed to find bright spots everywhere
    • “The highlight of the day !!!!” Tripadvisor’s forum has over 5,000 posts (and more) that have seen updates from travelers large and small.
  • As travel recovers, new companies have popped up everywhere this year to once again welcome customers through their doors.
    • 309,270 new accommodations, 109,110 new experiences and 175,286 new restaurants listed their businesses on Tripadvisor in 2021
  • Travelers expected the sun this year. Here are some of the favorite sunny destinations for travelers this year.
    • Honolulu Hawaii – seen 3.2 times more experience bookings than before the pandemic
      “All in Hawaii seems to come with a story, and that’s what makes it special. ”- longboard
    • Cancun, Mexico – saw a 17% increase in searches compared to 2020
      ” I dream Cancun during rush hour when coming home from work. “- Adaza
    • Punta Cana, Dominican Republic – saw a 96% increase in searches compared to 2020
      “I can’t think of another place that is so tropical and beautiful, but so affordable at the same time.” – SunLvr101
    • Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt – more than doubled (106%) its searches compared to 2020
      “The water was so blue and clear and filled with beautiful coral reefs … We will definitely be back!” – Lisa B
    • Hurghada, Egypt
      “Hurghada is less complicated than anywhere else in Egypt, and a great place for activities and relaxation. “- khaled elio
  • In addition to sunny destinations, travelers were * obsessed * with outdoor experiences. Based on bookings made this year, here are some of the most popular destinations for outdoor experiences in 2021.
  • Looking ahead to 2022, travelers are more than ready to step out of their work-from-home setups and return to exploring the world.
    • There are more than 66,000 trips with “2022” in the title already recorded

“2021 has been full of ups and downs in travel, but despite this it was encouraging to see how travelers presented themselves to each other, continuing to support, appreciate and share how they traveled to where they belong. could ”, said Steve kaufer, President and CEO of Tripadvisor. “While much remains unknown over the coming year, we remain hopeful and confident that travel will continue to recover and travelers can get back to finding the good there. As a business, Tripadvisor and the Tripadvisor Foundation will do the trick. its part of helping those in need through this time of change. “

As well as planning their return trip, it was inspiring to see how our travel community came together to support pressing social issues and celebrate their diversity.

  • Tripadvisor joined the Billion Mile Challenge directed by Welcome.US and Miles4Migrants to secure 70,000 flights for Afghan evacuees ready to relocate but needing a flight to their new home. With the support of our travel community, Tripadvisor has contributed more than 49 million miles and 3,200 flights, including a match and a contribution from the Tripadvisor Foundation, to this one-of-a-kind effort. They are 80% of their billion kilometer goal, but still need support to help them cross the finish line. You can donate your miles, points or dollars to participate in the challenge here.
  • Our support for the tens of thousands of evacuated Afghans also included a $ 1 million contribution of the Tripadvisor Foundation to World Central Kitchens operations in major arrival destinations (including Dulles, Virginia, UNITED STATES; Madrid and Rota, Spain; and Doha, qatar). Their efforts have served more than 170,000 hot halal meals from 14 local restaurants to fleeing individuals and families. Afghanistan – many of whom had not eaten meals for days.
  • We emphasized the importance of diverse representation by creating content with advertising partners to celebrate Global pride and annual commemorations of Black History and Hispanic heritage. We also finished historical research to better understand the needs of travelers within the Hispanic community.
  • Our travelers join us and Kiva making a difference with life changing loans this holiday season. For each loan to an entrepreneur, the Tripadvisor Foundation offers another 25 $ lend again – until $ 150,000 raised. You can Click here make a loan that changes lives.

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