Arizona State scores record 29 points in loss to Washington State

TEMPE – After three straight losses to the Bahamas against strong competition in the Battle 4 Atlantis tournament, the Arizona State Sun Devils started the conference game on Wednesday.

They welcomed a team that was due to finish with ASU around the Pac-12 mid-to-low level, and Vegas agreed Washington State was close, as Tempe was only a two-point favorite despite a 5-1 start. . at 2-5 of the Devils of the Sun.

The on-court product didn’t reflect that in one of the most freakish college basketball games you’ll see, a 51-29 final.

The 29 points were the lowest for ASU in over 70 years, dating back to the 1945-46 season, by That obviously makes them a record for the shot clock era, as they were implemented in NCAA basketball almost 40 years after that.

Head coach Bobby Hurley described the offensive performance as “epically bad” while also giving credit to the Cougars for their defense.

“I am really amazed at how bad the game was,” said Hurley.

The first half must have been strange for anyone who has never seen a basketball game before.

It was a score of 18-10. Basketball. Not football.

Arizona State shot 4 of 24 from the field, 0 of 6 at the foul line and had nine turnovers for two assists.

” It’s horrible. Really terrible, ”said Hurley of 10 points in the first half.

Incredibly, the Sun Devils weren’t ruined by this. Because after Washington State took the 10-0 advantage with 17:25 remaining, it missed 15 straight shots with a 0-for-4 effort on the foul line and six turnovers in 11:24. of playing time.

After DJ Horne’s three-point shot on the next possession for ASU, Arizona State had a 2-0 run in 11:08 and reduced the deficit from seven points to five.

“It’s a feeling of loneliness. It’s a sad feeling. The scoresheet had a lot of work today, ”Hurley said of an eight-minute scoreless stretch for both sides.

The two teams at halftime combined for 11 missed free throws and 18 turnovers, a number that rises to 29, which is more than their combined point total (28).

Arguably the loudest part of the game for the crowd was the boos at the end of the first half, and I’m not sure if it was a home crowd expressing its displeasure at the effort of the match team itself.

Hurley didn’t complain about the boos and asked how ASU was still in the game at halftime, saying “can we play so badly and still be eight behind?”

Maybe some were expecting a halftime response from either team, but there was just something in the air at Desert Financial Arena on Wednesday.

The Cougars finally grabbed the first change in momentum of the game, a 6-0 surge in 90 seconds within minutes of the start of the second half, which is the way basketball runs. ball present themselves normally.

This put Washington State in 16th position and Arizona State didn’t have much luck beyond that.

The Sun Devils have gone another year without a true general on the ground, leaving their offense with some level of goal scoring and plenty of desperate shots late in the shot clock. If they don’t hit the 3, it’s hard to see how they find a rhythm. So with the squad’s mismatch with how the game was going, that was pretty much done once the Cougars extended the lead midway through the second half.

“It was just like a circus there,” Hurley said. “It was just like we were doing weird things even as the game was starting. I’m sure that trust and doubt kicks in for every guy who does something negative. It kind of continues to demoralize everyone. group. “

For the rest, Washington State was the team to sort of stabilize itself in between, but it wasn’t like everything had suddenly clicked. The Cougars did enough, however, to beat ASU 33-19 in the second half.

The Sun Devils finished with 12 field goals and failed to convert on their other 45 attempts, good for a 21.1% shooting percentage, and had more turnovers (15) than field goals (12). They were 3 for 26 in depth. Only two ASU players have scored more than three points: senior forward Kimani Lawrence (six points) and second-year guard DJ Horne (12).

Washington state was still pretty terrible on its own, shooting 30.5% overnight.

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