Arizona’s Kerr Kriisa shows no fear, harasses NBA superstar Luka Dončić

FIBA World Cup Qualifier Arizona star Kerr Kriisa showed off her fierceness and fighting spirit as she took on NBA superstar Luka Dončić.

Every hero needs a villain, and for Arizona Basketball, that’s exactly what we have in point guard, Kerr Kriisa.

A fast-growing Wildcats fan favourite, the Estonian showed his grit and feistiness this week as he and the Estonian national team took part in the FIBA ​​World Cup Qualifiers.

Faced with a tough challenge as they took on NBA superstar Luka Dončić and the Slovenian national team earlier in the week, Kerr did what he does best, compete and get under the skin of the ‘opponent.

At first, this was on full display as tensions were a bit high during their showdown with Slovenia. Kerr and Dončić were seen tweeting at each other, and these tensions continued for a bit after the match.

Without chewing on the situation either, here is what Kerr said after the game, “We don’t let people step on us. Otherwise, we could have stayed in Estonia and not even come here. If someone tells us something, we respond… He showed a reaction, so that means it’s pretty easy to get into his head too.

Despite falling to Luka Dončić and Slovenia, Arizona’s Kerr Kriisa finished the day with 14 points while shooting 4-11 from three.

It may not have been a memorable day for Kriisa and Estonia in their 104-83 loss to Slovenia; however, you have to credit Kerr for his combat and competitive spirit.

The future junior playmaker could draw criticism from fans; however, one thing you can’t deny is his confidence and fearless attitude.

Kriisa drew a lot of hate and vitriol from opposing fans last season as he and the Wildcats embraced and embodied the “bad boy” role in college basketball.

Going into 2022-23, he should have a bigger impact with the Wildcats, and I’m sure Arizona fans are just happy to have him on our side!

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