Best Moving Companies in Arizona for July 2022 – Forbes Advisor

1. Do your research beforehand

Some customers may be surprised when a national brokerage service contracts a move out to a contractor or “agent” located in Arizona or the surrounding area. These agents may have an unknown name. Although the companies on our list above are all ‘moving companies’ as they offer a range of moving related products and services, most are actually brokers with networks to connect your business to a supplier. more local services.

Clients should obtain all the information they can in advance as to who will actually be responsible for the physical moving process.

2. Take care of your valuables

If your valuables cannot withstand prolonged hot or cold temperatures, and your selected moving service does not offer temperature-controlled container shipping, do not send items that cannot withstand too long a the outside temperature.

With valuables like jewelry, important documents, or personal electronics, exercise caution and take whatever you can yourself. Even without any foul play, moving companies end up losing or damaging items, and the refund process can be messy and boring.

Companies generally do not distinguish between valuables and non-valuable items unless the customer pays for additional coverage for the entire load or particular items. Alternatively, companies may offer a refund based on a cents per pound calculation applied to the entire load. Without the additional cover agreed to in advance, businesses are not required to reimburse customers for damage to items such as expensive furniture, large electronics or heirlooms.

3. Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Especially when it comes to money. With a range of practices across the industry, it is important to fully understand the timing and terms of all payments with your broker and mover. Before making decisions (and especially before making payments), compile information about a potential down payment, when the main payment(s) are due, and what happens financially in the event of a delay or delivery incident.

Also ask for details on the division of responsibilities between a pickup company or broker and the actual mover. Companies should be able to specify the type of vehicle and the team that will meet you, as well as describe how your items will be handled if they do not arrive at their destination in the same vehicle or container they were left in .

4. Keep track of your move

No matter how careful a mover claims to be, accidental damage is common and logistical mix-ups often result in poor service or missed arrival dates. The moving industry in 2022 is particularly susceptible to delays and shortages of drivers due to global supply chain issues and labor shortages.

Keep a detailed inventory of everything – and we mean everything – the movers take, including photos of the items most likely to be damaged and in need of repair. Keep your own copies of all documents exchanged with your broker and / or your mover so that you can prove it if the conditions of the contract are not respected. Always get everything in writing and make sure there is a date: if the items arrive late or are damaged, you will at least have proof.

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