Biden administration ignores border laws

Marc Krikorian

Voters should think about immigration for two reasons when they go to the polls (or however they vote these days).

The first and most apparent reason is the fallout from President Joe Biden’s border crisis on communities across the country. The second is what the administration’s willful violation of immigration law means for all other policies.

Next month’s elections are for Congress, of course. The Biden administration will be in place for at least two more years. But whether his party has majorities in Congress will determine how much of a free hand he has in implementing his anti-border policy.

The Border Patrol exercise, which ended Sept. 30, apprehended the highest number of illegal border crossings in history, more than 2 million, surpassing last year’s 1.7 million, this which had been a record.

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All these people were not released. Under a COVID-era public health order known as Title 42, Border Patrol can simply return certain illegal immigrants to Mexico without hearings. (The administration is trying to shut down this border control tool, but the court blocked it.)

Still, the number released in the United States is bad enough — around 1.4 million since Biden was sworn in, with more arriving every day. This immediately hits border towns such as McAllen and El Paso in Texas, and Yuma, Arizona.

Eric Adams



But today, every state is a border state, every city a border town. New York Mayor Eric Adams said the arrival of illegal immigrants in his city was a humanitarian emergency, and that was before Texas Governor Greg Abbott brought a single person there. Washington, Chicago and Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts had also shouted when border riders were sent to their communities.

We can (and should) laugh at the hypocrisy of sanctuary cities. But the continued arrival of one wave after another of newcomers from abroad is straining schools, social services, the criminal justice system and the housing stock – wherever they end up.

And people ain’t the only thing to go throughcross the border illegally. When groups of 100 or 200 people at a time arrive and surrender, knowing they will be released, the rest of this section of the border is stripped of officers to handle the processing. The cartels take advantage of these massive crossings and could even organize them, allowing the cartels to move their fentanyl and other poisons undisturbed.

Large-scale illegal immigration also undermines respect for the law. This administration does not even wink at illegal immigration. It has an avowed policy of not stopping illegal immigration and ignores the law.

Unlike previous administrations on both sides, Biden’s Department of Homeland Security secretary announced that it was not his policy to deter many illegal crossings. This is directly contrary to the legal requirement that the President strive to “prevent all unlawful entry into the United States.”

People who cross the border illegally must, under another provision of the immigration law, be detained for the duration of their procedure until they obtain legal status (such as asylum) or they are expelled. Even the small portion of cross-borders detained by DHS are often released. The White House says it doesn’t have the space to accommodate them all, but then asks for fewer detention beds in its budget request.

If the Biden White House continues to get away with it, it will be encouraged to ignore other legal limits on its power, as we have already seen with, for example, college loans.

People consider many different things when deciding who to vote for. But the direct effects of Biden’s border crisis, as well as what it portends for the rule of law more generally, mean that it is very important that President Biden faces a submissive Congress, as he does. has now, or to a Congress that will try to hold him accountable. .

Krikorian is Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies: He wrote this for

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