Biden Defense Secretary Supports Space Command HQ Process


President Biden’s Secretary of Defense today publicly supported the Air Force’s “decision-making process” which designated Alabama as the best site for the permanent headquarters of US Space Command.

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin “has informed Air Force leaders that he supports their decision-making process regarding the preferred location of the Space Command Headquarters,” said today Pentagon press secretary John Kirby.

Austin’s statement follows an announcement on February 19 that the Department of Defense Inspector General will begin an investigation into how the Huntsville Redstone Dockyard was chosen as the best site. The investigation came after political leaders in Colorado demanded a review. Colorado is the site of the Command’s temporary headquarters and one of the finalists to be its permanent home.

Kirby said Austin, a native of Alabama, “Understands that they won’t make a final decision until 2023, and he looks forward to staying informed as they work on those deliberations.”

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey also released a statement today welcome criticism. Ivey said his condition was satisfied the decision was based on merit.

Former Secretary of the Air Force Barbara Barrett announced on Jan. 13 that the service recommended that the U.S. Space Command be moved from Colorado’s Peterson Air Force Base to Huntsville.

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