Cristobal 2021 predictions: PAC-12 week 2 pick and schedule


Make your prediction as to who will win this week’s PAC-12 contest and who will cover. At the end of the year, we’ll calculate the total and find out if we know what we’re talking about. I will update last week’s results later tonight but be aware they weren’t 100% correct so overall I’m disappointed.

Be more like last week’s resident genius, Tim?!

Ducks 34, Fresnotastate 10

We are leading a 4 QB attack from Brown, Thompson, Butterfield and Costa. It becomes very difficult to say what a forward pass is and what a side pass is, and it comes with some good and some bad, as you would expect from the first game of a season coming out of the game. ‘Covid era when we run an offense with 4 QBs, including one that hasn’t played for us in 10 years.

In defense, Thibodeaux really saved up some good things, patiently waiting for this chance to unveil it, and he always runs wagging his finger and shouting “Thibodonttestmeman” and “Thibodonttrythat” and Thibodontrunthere and “Thibodontthrowthatone” and “Thibododododadadaisalliwanttoyou ‘and so on. sequel, and the cameras love it, and he has 8,000 new sponsorship deals and branded sayings by Sunday given the new NCAA rules. He stays with us to win our national championship this year and then starts a new talk. -show on Lifetime.

NCAA FOOTBALL: JAN 12 National College Football Playoff Championship - Oregon v Ohio State

Photo by Ray Carlin / Icon Sportswire / Corbis / Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

TIME / CHANNEL: Saturday, 9:00 a.m., FOX

SEASON FILE: UO (1-0) / OSU (1-0)

HISTORICAL FILE: The Oregon Ducks have lost all nine of their games to the Ohio State Buckeyes.

MM’S DREAMS: What is there to say, other than that WE MUST WIN THIS FREAKING GAME IF WE EVER WANT TO ACHIEVE THIS END LEVEL OF THE GAME! Throughout Oregon’s football history, Ohio State has been a stumbling block to the schedule, one that left the Ducks crashing to the ground every time. Whether it’s a no-scam game, a Rose Bowl, or a National Championship, the Buckeyes have been the boss battle that always sends the Ducks to an on-screen game.

But maybe not this time …


That covers ?

  • 45%
    Ohio State (-14.5)

    (54 votes)

  • 55%
    Oregon (+14.5)

    (66 votes)

120 votes in total

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Photo by Kevin Abele / Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

TIME / CHANNEL: Saturday, 12:30 p.m., ESPNU

SEASON FILE: CAL (0-1) / TCU (1-0)

HISTORICAL FILE: In 2018, TCU won a Cheez-It Bowl filled with turnovers against Cal, making them 1-0 in the series.

MM’S DREAMS: We’re hoping for another 2018 Cheez-It Bowl, in which the Golden Bears and Horned Frogs threw nine combined interceptions. The game ended up being very watchable, but would have been improved with a bit of Yackety Sax in the background. Will Wilcox return to his winning ways when it comes to the Maverick roster? Or will TCU do 2 and 0 against the Berkeley Pagans?


That covers ?

  • 55%
    California (+11.5)

    (32 votes)

58 votes in total

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NCAA Football - Texas A&M vs. Colorado - October 8, 2005

Photo by Rich Gabrielson / Getty Images

TIME / CHANNEL: Saturday, 12:30 p.m., FOX

SEASON FILE: TAMU (1-0) / UC (1-0)

HISTORICAL FILE: The Buffs have a strong lead in the series, 6-3. Including a 35-34 victory in 2009, their most recent meeting.

MM’S DREAMS: The Texas A&M hype train has become a bullet train now that head coach Jimbo Fisher has the program to recruit at an elite level and compete against high level competitors. But Karl Dorrell, so far, has been full of surprises in Colorado. A win over a top 5 team would give Dorrell even more credit as a smart hire, although that might be too difficult a task, even within the friendly confines of Empower Field to Mile High.


That covers ?

  • 38%
    Texas A&M (-17)

    (20 votes)

  • 61%
    Colorado (+17)

    (32 votes)

52 votes in total

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Portland State vs. Washington State

Photo by William Mancebo / Getty Images

TIME / CHANNEL: Saturday, 3:00 p.m., PAC-12 NETWORK

SEASON FILE: power supply (0-1) / WSU (0-1)

HISTORICAL FILE: Wazzu dominated their first two clashes against Portland State (as it should be), 48-9 in 2008 and 59-21 in 2014. But in 2015, the Vikings pulled off the upset for the first of two FCS losses as Mike Leach. would suffer by leading the Cougs.

MM’S DREAMS: The Cougs already landed one of their “Couging it” scoring shots against Utah State last week, perhaps they will continue to play the hits with a loss to an FCS team again.


Who wins?

  • 17%
    Portland State

    (10 voices)

  • 82%
    Washington state

    (46 votes)

56 votes in total

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That covers ?

  • 21%
    Washington State (-29)

    (10 voices)

  • 78%
    Portland State (+29)

    (37 votes)

47 votes in total

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1992 Rose Bowl: Washington Huskies vs. Michigan Wolverines

Photo by Bernstein Associates / Getty Images

TIME / CHANNEL: Saturday, 5:00 p.m., ABC

SEASON FILE: UW (0-1) / MU (1-0)

HISTORICAL FILE: From 1953 to 2002 Michigan and Washington faced each other 12 times, four of those games were at the Rose Bowl and were split between them. The Wolverines currently hold a 7-5 lead in the series.

MM’S DREAMS: While it would only help the Oregon cause for Washington to beat Michigan on Saturday, we are entering a win-win situation, as a brutal beating in week two would increase the odds that the huskies would have. another winless season.


That covers ?

  • 16%
    Washington (+6.5)

    (10 voices)

  • 83%
    Michigan (-6.5)

    (50 votes)

60 votes in total

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Jason Johnson # 10

TIME / CHANNEL: Saturday, 7:00 p.m., PAC-12 NETWORK

SEASON FILE: SDSU (1-0) / UC (0-1)

HISTORICAL FILE: The Wildcats hold a 10-5 lead over the Aztecs, who haven’t beaten Arizona since 1979.

MM’S DREAMS: The Wildcats looked better than expected against a brand new BYU team, although they still ended up losing 24-16 in Jedd Fisch’s debut as a head coach. San Diego State defense always comes on the line, especially against the PAC-12, so the Wildcats will need to find some offensive magic behind quarterback Gunner Cruz if they don’t want to start the Fisch 0 era. -2.


Who wins?

  • 55%
    San Diego State

    (25 votes)

45 votes in total

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That covers ?

  • 53%
    San Diego State (+2)

    (22 votes)

41 votes in total

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Photo by Boyd Ivey / Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

TIME / CHANNEL: Saturday, 7:15 p.m., ESPN

SEASON FILE: UU (1-0) / BYU (1-0)

HISTORICAL FILE: Utah dominated the Holy War, 59-31-4, and is currently leading a 9-game winning streak.

MM’S DREAMS: BYU didn’t inspire much confidence in their Week 1 performance against Arizona, but, as they say, the biggest jump in execution is often between Week 1 and Week 2. The Cougars will need to find offensive threats if they wish to avoid being seated by the Whittingham team.

UNLV Rebelsv Arizona State Sun Devils

Photo by Mike Moore / Getty Images

TIME / CHANNEL: Saturday, 7:30 p.m., ESPN2

SEASON FILE: UNLV (0-1) / ASU (1-0)

HISTORICAL FILE: UNLV won their only clash against ASU in 2008 by a score of 23-20.

MM’S DREAMS: Marcus Arroyo may be in some trouble in Las Vegas. After leaving Oregon to take the reins of UNLV for the 2020 season, Arroyo has yet to win a football game or even keep an opponent below 34 points. Jayden Daniels is sure to get his own in this contest, but maybe the Rebels can scare the Sun Devils with a surprise shootout in the wilderness.


That covers ?

  • 37%
    Arizona State (-34.5)

    (17 voices)

45 votes in total

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Photo by Brian Rothmuller / Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

TIME / CHANNEL: Saturday, 7:30 p.m., FOX

SEASON FILE: STAN (0-1) / USC (1-0)

HISTORICAL FILE: USC leads the series, which began in 1905, 62-33-3.

MM’S DREAMS: Oh yes. The annual week two game between Stanford and USC. Stanford’s performance against Kansas State seems like another red flag (or cardinal), as the offense looked hopeless aside from a late touchdown. Then again, this early rivalry game tends to favor the underdog, and USC looked vulnerable against Fresno State.


That covers ?

  • 58%
    Stanford (+17)

    (27 votes)

46 votes in total

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Oregon State vs. Hawaii

Photo by Darryl Oumi / Getty Images

TIME / CHANNEL: Saturday, 8:00 p.m., FS1

SEASON FILE: EUH (1-1) / OSU (0-1)

HISTORICAL FILE: The Beavers hold the lead over the Rainbow Warriors, 7-4, although Hawaii won their last meeting in 2019 by a score of 31-28.

Fun Fact: The Rainbow Warriors actually earned their name after a 1924 victory over the Beavers. Known as the Hawaii Fighting Deans at the time, the team decided to change their name after a rainbow appeared in the sky during the match, which apparently blessed them with the victory. Now, it is said that Hawaii will never lose a match as long as there is a rainbow in the sky.

MM’S DREAMS: Hawaii has long been a thorn in the side of lower PAC-12 teams, as has head coach Todd Graham, so the real question is, are the Beavers a lower PAC-12 team? Jonathan Smith has been the darling of the PAC-12 since returning to Corvallis with the Washington offense in hand, but will he ever get the program above the quality? A win against the Rainbow Warriors wouldn’t prove the Beavers are ready to win the PAC-12 North, or even go for a bowl game, but a loss would definitely slow the Beavers’ progress.


That covers ?

  • 43%
    State of Oregon (-11)

    (19 votes)

44 votes in total

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  • Final score.
  • Who do you think will win?
  • Anthony Brown’s statistics line.

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