Devin Booker once said his “favorite achievement” was a $ 2.5 million pledge rather than anything he had done on the basketball court.


With all due respect to the Phoenix Suns, it’s generally difficult for them to make national headlines. During the 2021 NBA Playoffs, however, they had no problem getting noticed thanks, at least in part, to Devin Booker. On his first foray into the playoffs, he didn’t miss a beat in filling the box score.

For all of his successes in the field, however, Booker once said that his “favorite accomplishment” wasn’t something he did on hardwood. Instead, he highlighted a $ 2.5 million commitment to improve his community.

Devin Booker has proven to be a legitimate goalscorer during his NBA career

While the cliché might insist that the defense wins the championships, no team in the NBA will turn down the chance to have a capable scorer on the pitch. Luckily for the Suns, Devin Booker is a perfect fit for the role.

The goalie played his varsity ball at the University of Kentucky, but, thanks to the Wildcats’ stacked roster, he spent most of the year as a sixth man. He averaged 10 points per outing but still garnered a lot of attention and, after a season on campus, entered the 2015 NBA Draft.

The Suns caught the shooting goaltender as the 13th overall pick and put him straight into their rotation. He averaged under 14 points per appearance, earning both a rookie first-team spot and plenty of praise. Since then, his stock has only increased.

Over the following seasons, Booker continued to push his attacking game further and further. He earned his first two all-star nominations in 2020 and 2021 and, at the end of the 2021 regular season, increased his career average to 23 points, 4.6 assists and 3.7 rebounds per game. He also made headlines in his first playoff appearance, but we’ll discuss that a bit later.

Highlighting a donation of $ 2.5 million as his “favorite achievement”

While he may not have reached the heights of someone like LeBron James or Steph Curry, Booker produced many notable individual performances during his time on the hardwood. That being said, however, he has already chosen an out-of-court action as his best achievement.

In early 2019, Booker announced that he was pledging $ 2.5 million over the next five years with the money going to help children and families in Arizona.

“The game has done so much for me,” he explained in a video shared on the Suns’ Twitter Account. “It changed my life in so many ways that I couldn’t even imagine. But I think the most important thing he did to me was to teach me values ​​in my life. The most important: commitment, discipline, integrity and, as [Suns owner Robert Sarver] spoke, leadership. And, as a leader, I believe it is my duty and my responsibility to give back to the community we represent.

Booker then echoed those sentiments on social media. He quote-tweeted the Suns video, adding, “My favorite accomplishment of my career so far !! Glad to be able to give back and make an impact here in the Phoenix community!”

Devin Booker could add another major achievement to his NBA CV this summer

It goes without saying that a charitable donation is more important than anything that happens on the basketball court. With that warning put aside, Booker could achieve another impressive feat this year: winning an NBA championship.

As every professional athlete wants to win the title, Booker has spoken of his desire to lift the Larry O’Brien trophy. As documented on, he once pointed to the San Antonio Spurs championship banners and said, “I care more about getting it.” He expressed a similar sentiment after the Suns knocked the Los Angeles Lakers out of the 2021 playoffs.

“I’ve worked my whole life for this moment,” said the goalie after his 47-point performance. “Now was not the time to go without.”

Suns aren’t exactly the favorites to win this year’s title – as of June 9 538 Gives them the third best chance at winning the Larry O’Brien Trophy at 12% – Booker will be at the center of everything they do. The goalie filled in the scoresheet during the playoffs and averaged 28.4 points, 5.4 assists and 5.9 rebounds in the first seven playoff games of his professional career. While Chris Paul, Deandre Ayton, and the rest of the Phoenix supporting cast all have valuable roles to play, Booker has become the team’s talisman.

When it comes to accomplishments, donating $ 2.5 million to charity is nothing to sneeze at. If Booker can add an NBA Championship to that resume, he’ll have a double punch in terms of contributions on and off the field.

Statistics courtesy of Basket-Reference and Sport-Reference

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