Did The Legends of Nightmares happen during a Diamondbacks game on Apple TV+ MLB?

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Cliff Floyd needed help saying lines, and Katie Nolan laughed at his struggles. Stephen Nelson kept mis-announcing players’ names and then laughing about it. To his credit, he at least acknowledged it. The entire show felt incredibly tilted towards the Cubs or just plain nonsense. Each of them struggled to say words or names such as “Mesquite High School”, “Disseminated”, or even “drives”. Also, I never heard a ball hit “fast”, I heard “hard” or “strong”, but never fast. I thought that was an interesting way to describe a batted ball.

When Christian Walker was heading for a bat, announcers felt they had to point out how Walker was just giving them “country vibes” and almost missed the fact that he got a hit. I know one thing and that is that those advertisers made me miss Steve and Bob so much. Bally Sports would do well to learn from Apple when it comes to cameras and information.

There were some positives in the shows. The Camerawork was excellent and much better than Bally Sports Arizona. Also, while the on-screen information could get too overwhelming, a lot of it was cool and interesting like the % chance a player will hit in a double play or HR.

Following. Guess who just won MiLB Pitcher and Hitter of the Month for the Dbacks?!. dark

Two parts I really enjoyed were Gonzo saying that the best acquisition the Dbacks made this offseason was making Brent Strom the team’s pitching coach. I loved it. Then, I hope it’s true, the announcers gave Strom a quote saying “Give me 48 hours with Mark” to get Melancon right after some 9th-inning struggles by the Shark.

I know one thing, I won’t miss Cliffy, Katie or Stephen. I sincerely hope this is the last Apple Game for the Diamondbacks this year. I’m going to enjoy the Legend’s Races that happen at Diamondbacks games.

Don’t take my word for it. Look at these tweets.

At least the Diamondbacks have proven they can win against a solid team like the Cubs. 4-3 was the winning score with 12 hits, a season high. Mark Melancon gets back on track with a Save. The team is 15-7 since April 20. Not bad at all. Thank goodness Dbacks won’t be on Apple TV+ next week.

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