“Find Your Future”: Creators Wanted comes to Freeport, TX

If you want to make a good living, help change the world for the better, and have a good time doing it, modern industry has a job for you. That was the message delivered to local high school students on Tuesday at the first event of Stage 7 of the Creators Wanted Tour Live, in the Freeport, Texas area.

Inspirational students: The CW Tour, a joint project of NAM and its workforce development and education partner, The Manufacturing Institute, aims to inspire, educate and empower the workforce of tomorrow.

  • For this week’s leg of the tour, presented by Dow, the immersive mobile experience took place at the Brazosport Independent School District Vocational and Technical Education Center in Clute, Texas.
  • The CTE Center, which is located near Dow’s largest manufacturing plant in the world, strives to prepare students for careers in a global economy with an emphasis on vocational and technical education.
  • “We believe the future of our workforce is highly dependent on the quality of public education,” said Brazosport Independent School District Superintendent Danny Massey.

Looking for Difference Makers: Dow Senior Vice President of Operations, Manufacturing and Engineering John Sampson highlighted the many opportunities available in modern manufacturing to do meaningful, well-paying and life-changing work.

  • “I hope some of you — all of you — will be creators,” Sampson told students at the launch event. “At this point in your life, you’re probably thinking about what you might want to do. …I’m sure some of you might be interested in earning money, [too,] but you probably want to do more than that.
  • “You probably want to make the world a better place, create something that people want [and] have a little fun. … I promise you this: we will always have a place for you on our team.

Fill a gap : Before the students rushed to complete their ‘race to the future’ in the mobile experience, MI President Carolyn Lee explained to them: creators are not only wanted, they are essential for the world to keep running and moving forward.

  • “Without a steady stream of talented, bright young people…we cannot continue the good work of continuously manufacturing our products,” Lee said. “[But] it’s not a job and stay there for 40 years [situation]. This is an adventure to choose [career path] with ongoing skills, challenges and opportunities and learning along the way. »
  • There are currently more than 850,000 manufacturing jobs open, Lee said, and by the end of this decade, modern manufacturing will require 4 million more workers.

Find your future: “We’re here because we know there’s something for everyone in manufacturing,” Sampson told event attendees in his closing remarks. “We hope you find your future in modern manufacturing.”

  • Dow Vice President of Gulf Coast Operations Fernando Signorini echoed his colleague’s sentiment during a Creators Spotlight panel later on Tuesday. “If your desire is to go and study engineering, you will have a lot of opportunities,” he said.
  • “If your desire is to have a technical diploma, [you’re] going to have a lot of opportunities. For a company like Dow to work, we need all the different…diversities in education and credentials. You see everything in there.

The impact: More than 750 students are expected to visit the mobile experience this week at the CTE Center, and more than 25,000 students and career mentors in the Houston metro area have already registered online to learn more about modern manufacturing careers at the following this last stop of the tour.

Looked: Check out this highlights reel from day two of the tour stop.

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