Flights in another dangerous situation against Memphis

The worst situation a college team can find themselves in is when they face another team that is really good but hasn’t played like it’s really good on paper. Tennessee basketball will be in that predicament when it faces the Memphis Tigers at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville on Saturday.

Penny Hardaway has a talented team. He proved on Tuesday, with a dominant win over the Alabama Crimson Tide, that he can beat anyone. However, before Tuesday, the Tigers were on a four-game losing streak, playing well below their standards.

As a result, they enter this game without ranking and 6-4 despite their top 10 talent. That means if Tennessee basketball wins this game, they won’t get any credit. However, they could easily lose, just as easily as they could play for a top 10 team, but they won’t have any relaxation if that happens.

It’s an ultimate test for Barnes. How can he have his children ready to play in such a situation? The Vols have faced some good teams before, and at 8-2 and ranked No.18 nationally, they’ve been in sticky situations like these before.

After losing to the Villanova Wildcats, they faced a North Carolina Tar Heels team that was ranked, talented but also lost the day before. UT responded by dominating and being ready to play jumping.

Almost two weeks ago, they had to visit the Colorado Buffaloes in a dangerous clash. Although they didn’t shoot well that day, they managed to dominate, securing a 69-54 victory thanks to the departure of Kennedy Chandler.

Three days later, however, they were in a similar situation against a team from the Texas Tech Red Raiders who were clearly good but had yet to be able to prove it. The Flights lost thanks to a historically bad night of filming that is unlikely to be repeated.

Now after all these games UT is in a different situation like this. Win, and they survive indiscriminately. Lose, and they’ll be microscopically like they’ve suffered a bad loss. What is indisputable, however, is that it won’t be a bad loss.

Memphis just beat a top 10 team quite convincingly. They are dangerous and just haven’t got everything in place for a long time. Since they’re about to start their American Athletic Conference program, they might not have enough time to prove themselves if they’ve got everything in place, which means it won’t. could never sound good to UT.

Beyond all that, however, the Tennessee basketball must refocus and prepare to host the Arizona Wildcats next Wednesday. Arizona is actually ranked in the top 10 for teams, so Vols should avoid looking ahead to Memphis for this game. This is all very delicate, and if they are not careful they could suffer a costly loss.

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