Former DPS director Frank Milstead accused of domestic violence

A woman has filed a protective order against former Arizona Department of Public Safety Director Frank Milstead alleging he assaulted, threatened, harassed and stalked her, court documents show.

Milstead is not allowed to contact the woman or her children, or to visit her workplace, home and school, according to the protective order filed in June. The documents do not specify which school.

The woman, who lived with Milstead as her partner, said in July 2021 he grabbed her by the arms and shook her violently. The protective order application says it caused him significant bruising, which is reportedly documented in a photo.

“This incident, and several others, caused (the woman) to fear Mr Milstead to the point that she sought professional psychological advice and support,” court documents say.

Milstead acknowledged the woman’s fear in a text message, according to court documents.

In March, Milstead allegedly told her that if she was wrong with him, she would regret it for the rest of her life. When the woman asked how, he allegedly told her “You just figure it out. You’ll know when it happens,” according to court documents.

Milstead allegedly told her it was not a threat, but a promise, in a taped conversation, according to court documents.

The motion for a protective order said the threat should be taken seriously given Milstead’s alleged assaults and training in the use of force. He also said Milstead is still armed.

Milstead’s attorney did not respond to The Arizona Republic’s request for comment at press time.

According to court documents, on several occasions, including one in April, the woman asked Milstead not to contact her or her children, or to come to her home. Milstead reportedly apologized in a text for contacting them and said he knew it was “unintentional”.

He still contacts the woman and her children regularly by email, phone, text and in person, according to court documents.

The woman reportedly received around 200 calls, texts, emails and in-person visits from Milstead from April to June. She has at least two videos of uninvited and unannounced visits to her home from Milstead, according to court documents.

The petition for the protective order says Milstead either followed the woman or waited for her to come home. In one instance, he allegedly blocked his car in the driveway and forced his way into her home as he “screamed, gestured erratically” in reference to an object he believed to be in her home.

According to court documents, the woman said Milstead had been drinking and her sister witnessed the incident.

As of June 24, Milstead reportedly continued to reach out to the woman’s children to find out where she is or intends to be, according to court documents. He reportedly texted her, “There’s nothing you haven’t done that I can’t forgive you for, but it’s got to be you and me until death do us part.”

Milstead sues woman

On September 16, Milstead filed a lawsuit against the woman, claiming she breached her contractual obligations to him regarding property they shared.

The couple bought a house together in 2019 while dating, and they were co-borrowers on the original loan, according to the lawsuit.

Then they refinanced the loan and agreed to release Milstead from it “only on the explicit assurance that it would not affect (his) interests in the property as shown on the original loan documents and title” , says the lawsuit.

In early 2022, the relationship ended.

Milstead contributed to the mortgage payments and renovations to the home, according to the lawsuit, and he wants an equal interest in the property.

“By taking advantage of mortgage payments made by (Milstead) and renovations paid for by (Milstead), while depriving Milstead of the benefits of her interest in the property, (the wife) has become unjustly enriched and (Milstead) impoverished in consequence,” the lawsuit states.

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