Good for the soul, good for our communities and good for business

In 2020, as the company now has 1,100 employees in offices across the country, AmCap recognized an unprecedented opportunity to positively impact communities across the country and hosted its first annual Gives Day. Back. Held on the second Thursday in July of each year, Gives Back Day is a day of intentional giving designed to empower the entire company, its employees and partners to get involved and thus give back.

This year, AmCap showed up and participated in its annual Gives Back Day on July 8e! With impact in dozens of communities nationwide, team members have become active with over 60 nonprofits. Together, they provided more than 29,000 pounds of food to the hungry and filled 400 backpacks with school supplies for children in need. They saved 153 lives with blood donations, built three houses and an animal shelter, raised thousands of pounds of essentials for charities across the country, and much more.

CEO Garrett clayton noticed the tremendous impact the company was able to have on that one day of service. “I cannot thank our team enough for being the ‘helpers’ in the world on July 8e. Giving back brings me so much joy and I’m so proud that our organization makes it a priority throughout the year. ”

With its year-round giving culture and brand new Give Back Day, AmCap Home Loans has tapped into something that is becoming increasingly vital to employee satisfaction and retention for all businesses across all industries. , giving meaning to their mission.

Millennials especially want to work for companies that make a difference, with 80% of millennials surveyed saying they “would be more motivated and engaged at work if they felt their employer had a job, according to a Deloitte study. positive impact on society “. In another Fidelity Investments survey, 66% of 1,200 people polled and 75% of millennials polled said it was important to them that companies get involved in a philanthropic way and support a range of causes.

In addition to attracting employees whose values ​​align with charitable giving, the organization of philanthropic outreach helps create a positive work culture by providing opportunities for team building and increasing interactions between the management and employees.

Another aspect of employee satisfaction that AmCap has tapped into with its Gives Back Day is allowing individual branches and team members to decide how they will participate. For example, members of the Phoenix, Arizona team volunteered to distribute bottled water during periods of 100 degree heat, while the Cookeville, Tennessee The branch has chosen to organize a donation campaign for foster children to honor a teammate who has their own foster children at home.

The benefits of allowing team members to have a say in how they give back are numerous. For companies like AmCap with branches across the country, the type of charity that will have the greatest impact will vary. For AmCap, in Phoenix he distributed water, while in Miami it provided goods to the homeless, and in Alexandria, LA he was donating supplies to a women’s shelter.

People will feel more motivated to get involved when it is for a cause they believe in and which they believe will have the greatest positive impact. And again, these benefits extend to aspects of the business as well. In fact, one study reported a 13% increase in productivity among workers consulted on company philanthropy programs.

The data is clear: spending time and resources on community involvement is good for business. It inspires confidence in leadership, builds relationships within the company and increases employee motivation, engagement and productivity. When it comes to building a corporate culture of giving, this is a victory in every way – just ask AmCap Home Loans. The company is already anticipating next year’s Gives Back Day, which will be held on July 14, 2022.

“AmCap wholeheartedly appreciates the importance of giving back,” says Director of Corporate Giving, Cassie croft, “which is why they hired me, a licensed social worker, to focus solely on their philanthropic footprint. They are ahead of the business curve by developing a deep-rooted culture of giving and I couldn’t be more proud to be part of their mission. ”

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AmCap Gives Back Day 2021

Who we served
Children’s meals
Ronald McDonald House
Habitat for Humanity
Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center
Food Bank of the Rockies
Fish food bank
Tacoma Mission House
Sharing is loving
Be a resource for CPS Kids
College of Justice
House of Hope
The children’s refuge
San Antonio Food Bank
that of a man treasure
Dress for success
Safe haven of Tarrant County
Love your neighbor
Smiling seniors
Austin Police department
The Ballard House
Arkadelphia Humane Society
Food Bank of Arkansas
The welcome cupboard
North Carolina Habitat for Humanity
Colorado Habitat for Humanity
Foster the angels of Central Texas
Copeland Police station
The helping hands of CyFair
Christian community action
The place of promise
The commemorative air force
Palm Valley Animal Society
The Hope Center
Richardson Fire Station
Austin Farm Sanctuary
Dallas Children’s Advocacy Center
Breads & Fish
St. Pj Children’s Home
Rescue camp
Greaterbury Food Bank
Garden of hope
Hearts for houses
Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd
The Bair Foundation
Child advocacy center
Hope Camp
Montgomery County Food Bank
Inter-church ministries
John’s Texas Youth Rescue
American Cancer Society
Blessed hope

How we made the difference

  • Don 1 air conditioning unit, 1 car battery and dozens of CO2 detectors and fire extinguishers
  • Helped build two homes through Habitat for Humanity, a foster home and an animal shelter
  • Meals served at 8 locations for shelters, first responders, food banks and medical centers
  • Picked up 10 garbage bags on the beach
  • 11 boxes and 22 garbage bags full of recovered professional clothing
  • Donation of 20 laptops to children in need
  • 50 free portraits, lunches and resources offered to seniors
  • Unloaded and spread 60 yards of mulch for the children’s shelter
  • Saved 153 lives thanks to donated blood
  • Donated over 200 non-perishable items to the HIM Department
  • Over 300 meals served at Loaves and Fishes
  • 400 backpacks full of supplies for children in need
  • Decorated over 500 lunch bags for children’s meals
  • Provided 1,200 meals and 1,440 pounds of food through the Houston Food Bank
  • You collected 1,500 pounds of food, 32 blankets, 128 cans and $ 250 for the Palm Valley Animal Society
  • Sorted 2,700 pounds of food at the Montgomery Food Bank
  • Packed a total of 5,566 pounds of food for the Food Bank in the Rockies
  • Packaged 19,800 pounds and 792 boxes of senior food at the San Antonio Food Bank
  • Provided countless monetary donations to local charities and nonprofits

SOURCE AmCap Real Estate Loans

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