Jon Rahm’s shocking withdrawal from Memorial tournament costs him insane amount of money


Jon Rahm’s emotional reaction to the Memorial Tournament after learning he had tested positive for COVID-19 said it all. Leaning her head in her hands, this first response revealed her complete shock and disappointment. While actually being kicked out of the tournament hosted by Jack Nicklaus for testing positive was quite humbling, Rahm’s reaction was also likely the realization that he would no longer receive the top prize money he was almost certain to win. with a huge lead. at Sunday. Losing that amount of money would make any adult cry.

Jon Rahm won in 2020 and won a huge payout

Jon Rahm has impressed since making his professional debut on the PGA Tour in 2016. In those five years he has achieved five victories, including two in 2020. The 26-year-old Spaniard won the BMW Championship in August, but it was two months. prior in Ohio when he established himself as the best in the world.

Rahm was the dominant golfer of the week at Muirfield Village Golf Club and headed for the last nine Sundays with an eight stroke lead. However, after a weather delay Rahm returned but his game didn’t work out, at least not for the first four holes where he shot 5 over par and saw his lead shrink to three shots.

Rahm appeared to have rebounded with a chip-in on the 16th hole, but instead received a two-stroke penalty because he planted his club and the ball moved before his shot, and he did not substitute for it. . He finished the round with a score of 3 of 75 but still managed to hold on to the victory, three strokes ahead of Ryan Palmer. With this victory, Rahm earned $ 1.67 million and rose to number one in the world rankings.

Rahm got hole and propels to lead

Jon Rahm entered the 2021 Memorial Tournament with a lot of confidence, and rightly so after winning last year’s event. He entered this year’s event ranked No.3.

He started Thursday with a solid 69 under par of 3, but it was Friday that he made the headlines for his stellar round and one shot in particular. He arrived on the 16th hole, where the Spaniard cleanly hit an 8 iron on the 183-yard par 3 that carried just the water, landed softly on the green, bounced several times, then disappeared into the cut. .

Rahm birdied on the 17th and narrowly missed another on 18 and finished with an impressive 7-under-65. His round propelled him to the top of the standings, two ahead of 2019 winner Patrick Cantlay.

Forced to step back and hand over a huge amount of money

On Saturday, Rahm shot an impressive 8-under-64 and had a six-stroke lead on Sunday, or so he thought. After emptying his final putt, officials informed him of the positive COVID test.

“Oh my god, not yet,” CBS cameras overheard Rahm saying after receiving the news. He immediately began a 10-day isolation period, as directed by the CDC.

Its release also turned out to be very expensive. If Rahm had won on Sunday as most believed with a six-stroke lead, he would have won a bigger payout than last year at $ 1.7 million.

As the world of sports and everything in between finally opens up, Rahm’s shocking departure reminds us that COVID is still very much present in our lives. Fortunately, it doesn’t cause as much personal pain with the loss of life as it once did, but as Rahm found out on Saturday, it can certainly cause immense grief.

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