Kandi Finfrock: setback of the gun lobby | Opinion

Editor: I read the March 24 article about the gun lobby who suffered a setback because they sponsored a law that says banks can’t discriminate against businesses applying for loans if they’re there. have the right.

A Republican official declined to put the bill to a vote in the Arizona State Senate because he feared the government would interfere in a private bank’s decision to withhold funds from a company.

I was ok with that until I read Glenn Beck’s book, “The Great Reset”.

In Beck’s book, he talks about the EGS score, that is to say the Environment Government Social score. It seems billionaires, political and global elites have decided to use a new credit score, the EGS score, and if companies don’t meet this “approved” criteria – like a gun store – they get a low EGS score.

This means that banks can refuse banking services if the company has an A+ credit rating but a low EGS score.

It’s a tricky way to force companies to conform to what the so-called “elites” endorse, like green energy companies and the like. If the elites can force all banks to use the EGS score, they can get rid of companies they don’t like.

The Great Reset is now in play – I urge everyone to read Beck’s book due to limited writing space here. This is an attempt to force all companies to comply with the demands of the “woke” culture for clean energy (banks deny loans to oil companies because elites consider them “bad” businesses), gun control (denying loans to gun businesses because the elites deem them “bad”), or any other kind of business the elites don’t approve of.

Pretty smooth, huh? We need to nip this in the bud before we further lose our freedoms in America.

People need to realize that the ruling class “elites” are trying to force us to adopt their way of thinking, and they plan to use the banking institutions to do so.

Do you have a business that elites deem “bad”? Are you dealing with a bank that approves of this woke nonsense? Better start asking questions now before it’s too late.

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