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Electric vehicles are a solution to pollution

Electric vehicles (EVs) are part of a big transition from fossil fuels to renewables like wind and solar connected to batteries. When cars first appeared, roads had to be built and gasoline with lead additives developed. It took time, but within 10 years most of the horsepower had been replaced by gasoline-powered vehicles.

Now our house is powered and our electric vehicle is charged with electrical energy from rooftop solar panels. Excess power is absorbed by the TEP network. TEP is also transitioning to renewable sources of wind and solar power. We must be patient as this transition is now accelerating rapidly, like the shift from horses to vehicles. Likewise, electric vehicles will continue to improve with better batteries, improved range and semi-autonomous features. It’s an exciting future.

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Universal vouchers

We should all have real concerns about a new Republican effort to fund public education in Arizona. When you think about this problem, ask yourself two questions:

1. What happened to the idea of ​​separation of church and state in this country? As a non-religious person, I strongly object to my tax money being used to fund religious schools that teach crazy ideas as if the earth is 6,000 years old. Is this what you expect from public financing of education?

2. We voted a few cycles ago to increase funding for schools to address low salaries and teacher shortages. How come the Republicans can reverse what the people voted for and, get this, create two new boondoggles for the rich: a flat tax and vouchers that go mostly to people who can already afford schools schools, because vouchers are not enough for a poor person to send their children to a private school?

This is just another example of right-wing ideologues trying to get rid of public schools.

Vote to save democracy

Subject: the letter of August 25 “80% solution for conservative voters”.

This letter stated that conservative voters should vote for Republican candidates even if they don’t like them because they would get 80% of what they want. The majority of Republican voters do not support 80% of what the current Republican Party and those extreme Arizona candidates Kari Lake, Blake Masters, Mark Finchem and Abraham Hamadeh are pushing. Most Republicans support voting rights, access to abortion, and birth control; they believe in funding public education (limiting school vouchers), cheaper prescription drugs, common sense reform in immigration, guns and tax laws (the wealthy pay their share) , and above all the protection of our democracy. A vote for these extreme Republican candidates is a vote to replace our democracy with autocratic government. These candidates are openly campaigning for it.

Weapons and anger

Guns in the hands of angry people are a recipe for disaster. If, through their attitude and behavior, a person shows signs of anger, they should not be allowed to have firearms.

Don’t Forgive Student Loans

Isn’t it wonderful that the government now has the money to forgive thousands of dollars in student loans? Oh, I forgot, the government has no money of its own, only what we all pay in taxes. When I went to college, I worked full time and took night classes to get by. The idea of ​​the government or someone else paying some or all of what I owed never occurred to me. I guess I was just old fashioned and thought that whatever bills I incurred I should be responsible. Why not ask the government to pay the bills in advance so that the student has absolutely no pressure? Those of you who believe that Uncle Sugar is going to do the right thing and take care of us all are living in a dream world. If I raise a bill, I have to pay it, so do you.

New vehicle needed

We could really use a new vehicle that meets the following requirements: first, it needs a roll cage around the driver, because you’ll end up being hit by a car.

It should be narrow enough to fit in a bike path. It should be able to stand on three or four wheels. A small bench and a chest would be perfect.

Power it with an electric motor that does not exceed 30 mph. Eventually, it could have a solar panel and recharge.

It has to be affordable, say around $2,000. A base model could be easy to customize and manufacturers could make money that way. A $2,000 tool would be much better than a $10,000 toy. The technology and the demand are there.

Comments were inappropriate

Subject: the article of August 28 “The post of gendarme must be reformed”.

I found it disturbing that Tim Steller berated Deborah Martinez-Garibay in his article by stating an unsubstantiated claim regarding signatures obtained for the 2022 ballot. Ms Martinez-Garibay’s life ended in a senseless murder when she attempted to evict a disturbed tenant who had made violent threats to his neighbours. She was not given a protective vest, nor was she informed of the danger of the situation. She served her country valiantly, and when she returned to the United States after her deployments, she continued to contribute more to her community than Steller ever dreamed of. Get off your high horse, Steller, and don’t belittle anyone who has given so much to their country and community.

Biden impeachment

I’ve read that figures such as Andy Biggs (R-Arizona) and Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Georgia) want to introduce a resolution to impeach President Biden if a Republican majority in the House of Representatives is achieved. I don’t have a big love for Biden; I voted libertarian Jo Jorgensen for president in 2020.

However, Republican heartburn over Biden’s immigration policy, Afghanistan, or to go further, Hunter Biden’s antics, are hardly grounds for impeachment. Nixon, Clinton, and Trump have all faced impeachment inquiries for actions that were criminal or in violation of the Federal Constitution.

This impeachment discussion is an attempt to draw a rough moral equivalence between Biden and Donald Trump, and to hamper Biden’s campaign, should he run. If attempted, it will be a boomerang; the Republicans will be hoisted into their own trap.

Biden should hope for an impeachment and against which Trump would run.

Leach rejected

Vince Leach lost twice; he was first rejected by voters in his LD 17 personally gerrymander, then he lost his case against his main republican opponent in court. Sound familiar? As a constituent of former LD 11, whom Leach represented for years in the Legislative Assembly, I know he never listened or cared about his constituents. He is a Republican elitist who did his best to underfund public education out of respect for his business friends who made money from charter/private schools. I say good riddance!

But don’t be fooled by the winner. Justine Wadsack is a supporter of MAGA and is as dangerous as it gets to democratic values, including public education.

LD 17 voters, please vote for a qualified candidate for the State Senate. Mike Nickerson, is a moderate Democrat who will listen to everyone, regardless of political party. A refreshing change for the Arizona Legislature.

Action and words

There is the old adage that actions speak louder than words. The actions of far-right extremists on January 6 speak much louder than any words from the far right or the left.

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