Looking For: Black Friday EV Deals In The US

Black Friday deals on electric vehicles have been scarce this season. The ones we managed to uncover earlier last week were picked up shortly after being included in our Best Electric Vehicle Rental Guide. Coincidence? May be. The good news is we took one last look yesterday and found some great LEAF and Niro EV discounts. No doubt it will go fast, so for those left in the dust and absolutely in need of buying or renting a car ASAP, we’ve highlighted several offers for you to consider in this limited-supply market.

As always, check out our guide to the best electric vehicle prices and our guide to the best electric vehicle leases for the best deals on electric vehicles in the United States.

Nissan SHEET

With an average monthly cost of $ 254 before taxes and permits, Nissan’s $ 119 / month 3-year lease offer on a 2022 LEAF S with 150-mile range is one of the lesser electric vehicle rentals. expensive ones currently available in the US, even with its rather hefty $ 4,969 due at signing. There are a few Los Angeles area dealerships – Nissan from Mission Hills and Nissan from Costa Mesa – that advertise one-time two-year lease offers on a 2021 LEAF S that averages much closer to $ 200 / month, but as one might guess, these vehicles are no longer in inventory. Nonetheless, these are two dealers who are used to advertising attractive rental deals, so with a bit of haggling they may be more willing to refresh the 2022 models they have in stock.

Nissan does not offer any unconditional cash incentives to purchase a LEAF, but does offer a 0% finance offer for up to 72 months. Inventory is still historically thin and most dealerships still list their inventory from LEAF to MSRP. Our best find comes from Nissan of Richmond, Virginia with a rebate of $ 5,075 on a 2022 LEAF SV Plus. Nissan Mesa in Arizona follows with discounts on their entire LEAF inventory, the best being an SL Plus at 2,113 $ off MSRP.

We met two dealers offering discounts in the range of $ 2,000 to $ 2,500 on a 2021 LEAF, and one dealer offering a new 2019 at nearly $ 3,000 off. But beware, Nissan has significantly reduced the MSRP of the LEAF for the 2022 models. We’re talking about $ 4,245 for the 150-mile LEAF S and $ 6,545 for the 215-mile SL Plus. So avoid buying a new LEAF 2021 or earlier, unless it comes with a big discount. See local Nissan dealers for LEAF discounts and availability.

Hyundai Kona electric

With its 258 mile range and average monthly rental cost of $ 249 before taxes and licenses, Hyundai’s lease offer on a 2021 Kona Electric is probably the best EV rental value currently published. The bad news is that the odds of finding a 2021 model are virtually nil for any of the coastal states with the highest demand for electric vehicles. The good news is that 2022 models are popping up across the United States, and at an average monthly cost of $ 352 / month, Hyundai’s offer to lease the nicely refreshed 5-seater should be attractive. Yes, that’s over $ 100 / month more than the almost non-existent 2021 model, but at that price, it’s competitive with factory lease deals on the 215-mile Nissan LEAF 2022 (effective cost of $ 500 / month for an SL Plus) and 238-mile Kia Niro EV ($ 300 / month for a 2021 model, $ 310 / month for a 2022 model).

We couldn’t find any dealership that beat Hyundai’s factory lease offer, but we did find one dealership – Vision Hyundai in New York – that is cutting 2021 models by $ 1,500 and offering Hyundai Motor Finance ( HMF) $ 3,000 and 0% financing. Combined with the $ 7,500 federal electric vehicle tax incentive and the $ 2,000 NYSERDA rebate, a 2021 Kona Electric can be purchased in New York City for $ 14,000 off the MSRP.

This $ 3,000 HMF incentive is also good for 2022 models. So in California, a Kona EV SEL with an MSRP of $ 36,065 can be held at a net cost of $ 25,815 after the federal tax incentive of $ 7. $ 500 for electric vehicles, $ 750 for California Clean Fuel Reward and $ 2000 for California Clean Vehicle Rebate. Find Hyundai Kona Electric deals in your area.

 Kia Niro 2021

Kia Niro EV

Kia’s three-year lease offers on its 238-mile five-passenger Niro EV are relatively attractive – a 2021 model can be leased at an effective cost of $ 300 / month, and a 2022 model can be leased for $ 310 / month. This is significantly less than the cost of Hyundai’s offer to lease a 2022 electric Kona. There also appears to be more availability at EV hotspots along the west coast and in the northeast compared to the Kona. Electric.

As for discounts, Crain Kia of Bentonville, Arkansas has a great deal on a 2021 Niro EV EX Premium at $ 6,155 off the window sticker. Additionally, Gene Messer Kia in Texas announces a rebate of $ 3,473 off the MSRP on a 2021 Niro EV, and Kia of Quincy in Illinois has a rebate of $ 3,197 on a 2022 model. Okay, Kia is currently offering 0% financing on loans up to 60 months. Check your area for deals on a Kia Niro EV.

Polestar 2

I mentioned the Polestar 2 earlier this year as a good deal from a rental standpoint, as its factory rental offering got cheaper and cheaper in the months after its launch. I mention it again because after moving forward into the fall months its rental cost is now dropping to a low point, currently at an average monthly cost of $ 588 / mo for a 2022 Polestar 2 in a dual all-wheel drive configuration. motor.

Polestar is doing this while Tesla is repeatedly raising the price of its Model 3. In the long-range dual-motor AWD version with 19-inch rims, the Model 3 now has an effective rental cost of $ 673 / month before taxes. and license. This could be high enough to steer crossover buyers towards the Polestar, especially those who might favor the Polestar 2’s more conventional exterior styling and instrument cluster. Both are capable of exhilarating 4-second sprints, from zero to 60, but Model 3 trumps top speed (for those who really care), cargo space (Model 3 has about 5 cubic feet more there), and of course, the range (an incredible 334 miles versus the relatively disappointing 249 of Polestar 2 miles).

The great victory of Polestar 2? You don’t have to wait until next year to accept delivery of your new vehicle. Polestar retailers across the country have preconfigured 2022 models ready for immediate delivery, just in time to complete and tuck away under a Christmas tree for your partner. Check the availability of Polestar 2 in your region.

As always, check out our guide to the best electric vehicle prices and our guide to the best electric vehicle leases for the best deals on electric vehicles in the United States.

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