Massachusetts voters are completely undecided on the next governor

Massachusetts will elect a new governor in less than five months. If you are to believe a recent poll by the Fiscal Alliance Foundation, there is no clear favorite at this point.

There are four candidates for governor of Massachusetts: two Democrats and two Republicans. Attorney General Maura Healey and State Senator Sonia Chang-Diaz are vying for the Democratic nomination, while former Massachusetts Rep. Geoff Diehl and businessman Chris Doughty are vying to be the Republican nominee.

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Each party will face a potentially divisive primary election in September. The winner of the primaries will face off in the November general election.

The Fiscal Alliance Foundation poll asked a number of questions about national and Massachusetts issues, including preferences for Massachusetts governor and issues voters would most like the next governor to address.

Diehl for the Governor’s Facebook page

Diehl for the Governor’s Facebook page

Sixty percent of respondents told the poll they were unsure or undecided about who they planned to vote for governor. Twenty-six percent chose Healey, 12 percent opted for Diehl, 1.33 percent with Chang-Diaz and 0.93 percent with Doughty.

Such a large number of undecided could be good news even for lesser-known candidates.

Facebook photo of Sonia Chang-Diaz

Facebook photo of Sonia Chang-Diaz

On these questions, the poll finds that 21% are most concerned about jobs and the economy, 13.7% about climate change, 13% about taxes, 12.3% about health care, 12.1 % by inflation and 11.3% by “something else”.

Doughty for the Governor’s Facebook Page

Doughty for the Governor’s Facebook Page

Of course, a poll is a snapshot of the moment, and given that there are so many distractions right now – not the least of which is summer – I suspect voters will become more focused in the weeks and coming months.

Primary elections are held on September 6. General elections are held on November 8.

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