Parker McCollum owns that ’90s Strait of George Smash


It’s always cool to see one of your favorite artists cover one of your all-time favorite artists. And there are three ways these blankets tend to go:

1. They don’t care.
2. They change it completely, and that’s amazing.
3. They hardly change anything from the original, and that’s amazing.

“George Strait has been my favorite country singer my whole life. This song is a country music classic so I was really hoping we could do it right and do the song justice. I think we did. I hope he and (producer) Tony Brown would think so too if they heard it.

Number 3. That’s the path Parker McCollum took when he decided to pay homage to King George and sing “Carrying Your Love With Me” exclusively for Spotify. The song, which McCollum calls “the greatest country song of the 90s,” was written by Jeff Stevens and Steve Bogard, and was the title track on Strait’s seventeenth studio album released in 1997.

For the record, this particular album produced three additional singles, including the title track, “One Night at a Time”, “Round About Way”, which all went to No.1 for The King. The fourth, “Today My World Slipped Away”, a cover of a song by Vern Gosdin, dropped to third place. “Carrying Your Love with Me” was nominated for Best Country Album at the 1998 Grammy Awards.

And while you have to subscribe to Spotify to hear the full version, this isn’t the first time The Limestone Kid has performed the song. Here are a few more videos to help you hang in there.

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