Plan to save New Mexico bird allows wind to develop

• Federal wildlife officials approve conservationists’ plan to protect the chicken of endangered minor grasslands while allowing the development of wind power in eastern New Mexico. (Carlsbad Current-Argus)
• Pattern Energy and New Mexico agency put high-voltage transmission line online to transport electricity from the 1,050 MW Western Spirit Wind project in the central part of the state to the grid. (Renewable now)

• A solar development that should go online next year power 80% of municipal buildings and facilities in Salt Lake City and send electricity to surrounding towns and ski areas. (Salt Lake Tribune)
• California regulators are expected to decide this week on the amount of utilities should pay homes with solar panels for electricity exported to the grid and how much resident solar owners would have to pay to support the utility system. (Canary Islands media)
• Laramie, wyoming, install solar panels and charging stations for electric vehicles in a fire station and its airport. (Laramie Boomerang)

PUBLIC LAND: During a visit to Palm Springs, California, US Home Secretary Deb Haaland said her agency is currently dealing with 36 solar projects, four wind projects and four geothermal projects. proposed for western Crown lands. (Desert Sun)

COAL: New Mexico regulators begin hearings this week on New Mexico utility company’s proposal to sell its 13% stake in the Four Corners coal-fired power plant to an energy company owned by the Navajo Nation. (Associated press)

• Los Angeles officials call for funding for federal infrastructure bill clean and plug around 1,400 orphaned oil wells in the county. (Daily breeze)
• Rising Oil Prices Boost Business to bring unused wells to Cook Inlet in Alaska back online. (KTOO)

GRID: California’s electricity use declined overall during the pandemic, but residential use increased in almost all counties, according to state energy officials. (Chronicle of San Francisco)

• Rocky Mountain Power joins a national coalition to build a fast charging network for electric vehicles. (Casper Star-Tribune)
• California transit officials say federal infrastructure bill money finance the electrification of Caltrain, the development of a high-speed train and the construction of a “mixed rail service” in downtown San Francisco. (Chronicle of San Francisco)
• Buena Vista School District in Colorado adds an electric bus to its fleet which will flow back into the network during periods of high demand. (Press release)
• Electric Vehicle Advocates in Southeast New Mexico Launch Crowdfunding Campaign for extend the area’s charging network. (CleanTechnica)

BIOFUELS: US Department of Agriculture lends $ 50 million to two Arizona dairies build anaerobic digesters converting manure to marketable methane. (KTAR)

• A California editorial board says the Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant set to close as planned in 2025, but the state must accelerate the deployment of renewables to ensure the shutdown does not lead to increased emissions. (Los Angeles Times)
• Arizona’s proposed goal of carbon-free energy by 2070 will help the state compete for economic development projects while giving industry the flexibility and time to design energy portfolios, says a free market advocate. (Arizona Capitol Times)
• California lawyer says Los Angeles could remove thousands of cars – and their emissions – from city streets by building alternative infrastructure to the car. (Los Angeles Times)

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