Post-game quotes: ASU 28, Stanford 10 (October 8, 2021)

Arizona State Head Coach Herm Edwards:
Opening statement

“I thought we had done some good things in the game as far as the management of the football was concerned, that was our focus. We tried to run the ball a little bit more and do a few first tries because when you play at Stanford they’re a very methodical football team; they take a lot of time, they own the ball for long periods of time. Their defense usually doesn’t give up a lot of plays in the passing game, so before we start we didn’t want to return the ball and didn’t want to have foul issues, which eventually turned out. For the most part I thought we had played a really good football game, we got on the set and then they got on the plateau and from there I thought the second half was revealing. Our defense only allowed three points, so when you can do that your chances of winning go up dramatically. I thought it what was there what things we needed to clean up, I will understand, I promise you, but it was a good win for us.

On defensive trick plays, especially the back pass from Jack Jones:
“It’s just instinctive, when a guy is able, first of all, to intercept the ball, but before he falls, (Deandre) Pierce goes behind him and Jack throws it at him. That kind of stuff you just do on instinct and I’m glad it worked because if we had groped it you’d see a crazy head coach. It’s all pretty when it happens and it works, it’s just football. The guys are having fun and it was just a great game on the two of them.

On secondary school performance:
“I thought they played pretty well, they only allowed one touchdown pass on a fade, he missed time for the jump. They are big receivers, we knew that when they come in, they are scary and they are gifted players. They can catch a lot of jump ball, we see that every week and most of the time we’ve done a good job of preventing that from happening. They’re going to hit some, but I think our ability to play man-on-man cover has really helped us. We started the first half playing a little more zone, then in the second half we moved on to cat cover, cat cover, let’s rush the quarterback and see what happens.

Senior running back Rachaad White

On his hedge
“Honestly, the race was just a great design, it was a new game that we put together just based on what the defense ran, and I can’t explain jumping over a guy. It’s just instinct and fun.

On the evaluation of tonight’s performance and its importance for the victory.
“We got the win, which for us is all that matters. I rated it as a good thing. We know we have to do our job during our rotation. Everyone comes in and plays their part in the offense for the running backs to be successful.

Graduate defensive back Jack Jones
Finding the right matches in the first half

“Yeah, Stanford’s wide receivers are tall at 6’4 and ‘6’5, so we knew we had to line up well so we didn’t let them get into an attacking rhythm.”

Junior quarterback Jayden Daniel
On what he saw to take advantage of a quick start

“It felt good to come out with a quick start, it’s something the coaches preach to us in training and before games. Starting quickly puts us in a good position in the game. The defense got saves to help the offense. Overall it was good to capitalize on what we saw against Stanford using play passes and using our speed to handle the ball well.

In attack in the second half
“You’re going to fight in the face of adversity, we were important in our first three possessions and we wanted to keep scoring and we want to keep scoring. But it’s just something, we should finish the records. The defense did a hell of a job holding them back, putting us in a better position to come out and score, and I’m giving them all the props and the team’s will to finish.

On the offensive line:
“We obviously have to go back and watch the movie to see how they play, but over the last couple of weeks they’ve done a great job on pass protection, I’m not touched, and that’s something that a quarterback wants. These five guys come in together and you can see they’re all on the same page, we’re all on the same page in the backfield, the linemen, me, the running backs. So, we all know the blitz they bring, so I give them my congratulations. “

Graduated defensive lineman Tyler Johnson
On overall performance dictating the line of scrimmage
“It was great, we trained all week and we had a lot of big players on the rim, we had to prepare for specific people so all week we prepared for them and knew their racing game. and their formations, which was important in the game. It was all about preparation. “

Stanford Head Coach David Shaw:
Opening statement:

“Some guys got injured, yeah, but that has nothing to do with the outcome of the game. I think what happened to the game was the execution. Offensively, we started fast enough, defensively we didn’t start quickly. Our defense was really strong towards the end of the second half and got plenty of saves and came off the pitch several times. The offense moved the ball but didn’t score any points. The quarterback, the offensive line, the running backs and a few receivers all had a great day. We have some very good football players who haven’t played to the best of our ability today. All credit to the State of Arizona. It was a big game with a lot of conference implications and they rose to the challenge and we didn’t. So we’re going to take a few days to get up and get back to it on Monday and be ready for our next challenge. “

On Emmet Kenny and other injuries:
“We’ll see. It wasn’t a pain at the end there, but we’ll see how he is next week. We’ll see who’s available in the kicking game next week. It’s gonna be touch and go. for us.

For the offense:
“When the games aren’t running, they’re bad play calls. I’m going to put that on me, so when you have bad play calls and you run out of execution, that’s what happens.” We positioned ourselves a few times, then we just stalled, and it doesn’t matter if you can move the ball between the 20. If you can’t come in and score touchdowns, you won’t win. Not in this league. Not Friday night against a very good football team. Thus, the defense gave offensive opportunities throughout the second half. The offense didn’t take advantage and we have to play a lot better.

On defense by pressing the switch:
“I just saw a great effort. We didn’t call up different defenses in the second half, but our defensive line, and our linebackers in particular in this second half, gave the offense plenty of opportunities. We got off the pitch on the third try, but we just didn’t turn those things into points. We had a turnover that didn’t earn us any points, so we have to be opportunistic on the offensive side. We’ve been really the last three weeks, we just weren’t today. Defensively, Arizona State, they’re big up front. We had some protection issues and then we did some big passes, but we missed some against a good football team. You can not do this.

Stanford tight end Benjamin Yurosek
On what did not work in attack, especially in the red zone:

“I don’t think that’s a thing, we all have to be held accountable for the offense. We were unable to complete our journeys. Obviously we managed to get the ball rolling, but finishing that work and getting points on the board is the most important thing. We need to improve.

On how the team is feeling at this point in the season and on injured players and people who need to step up:
“I think this whole team has the ‘next man’ mentality and I think we’re all set, whether it’s my position or someone else’s. We’re going to step up and make plays for the team. . We all play for each other. And from how I feel about this part of the season, 3-3 is obviously not where we want to be, we want to be in a much better position. But for right now we just need to regroup and end the season strong, you know we have a Pac-12 championship to win and that’s our only goal right now.

Stanford defensive end Thomas Booker
On defense:
“It’s one of those deals where it’s pretty straightforward. When people are locked in their keys, when linebackers fill in the gaps, when defensive linemen keep their eyes in and on the block and the backfield, we can do some pretty special things in defense. Even if we bleed a little, we leave a few yards, once the ball passes 50 we can really block. You saw that with the interception with the fourth stop, with the fourth down where they missed the basket, these are things for us where it is really simple. We have a great defensive game plan. We performed as it should. It’s as simple as that. It comes down to execution. There is no quick fix or fix that will make us quit in the end, it’s just guys hitting the keys.

On his thoughts on the season in general:
“You want to win every game, but you also have to keep things in perspective, look at the rest of the season and look at the goals that we have. Pac 12 championship and all that stuff. For us it’s still ahead of us. . We can always control our destiny with that. As a football player and as an athlete in general, you have to take your loss, learn from it and look for the positives and what you can potentially do. I think that for us as a team we don’t have to lock ourselves in but it will be due last week. We just need to take it for the rest of the season. Lock in, focus and do this that we can to hold the table for the rest of the year.

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