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One of the biggest questions of the NFL offseason is Aaron Rodgers. The buzz builds on the fact that the four-time MVP and Super Bowl champion may want to leave the Green Bay Packers after a tough playoff loss to San Francisco. This follows a major controversy given Rodgers’ stance on vaccinations which earned him bad press but another MVP trophy. Rodgers is frustrated with Green Bay’s failure in the playoffs, so his exit is becoming likely.

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This leads to the question of how a team could land Rodgers. Of course, most teams would jump in to grab someone of Rodgers’ pedigree and propel them to success, even if it’s expensive. Still, there is a chance that Rodgers could stay in Green Bay as there are certain reasons why the Packers are staying at home.

ten Exchange: Miami Dolphins

Tua with the dolphins

Surprisingly, the Dolphins might be in the best position to trade for Rodgers. Tua Tagovailoa clicks to help lead Miami to a winning season, but the temptation for the Dolphins to have someone as tried and true as Rodgers may be enough for a hard trade with a few picks. Rodgers could take advantage of Miami’s warmer weather above Green Bay (see how Brady is thriving in Florida) and the Packers would have a cooler face in Tau. Add the lower salary cap and Miami has a better shot on Rodgers than most teams.

9 Stay: Prove Your Doubters Wrong


If fans know one thing about Aaron Rodgers, he hates to admit defeat. Leaving Green Bay gives the idea that Rodgers thinks they can’t earn more and handing it over to Jordan Love. However, sticking around to prove his doubters wrong with another MVP season is exactly the challenge Rodgers lives for. Rodgers has done just that this year, coming back from the controversy around his vaccine stance to come within a few games of another NFC title game. Putting a few more MVP years in Green Bay to silence his critics is a key incentive for Rodgers to stay with the Packers.


8 Trade: Cleveland Browns

Noah K. Murray – USA TODAY Sports

Unfortunately, Baker Mayfield joins the list of promising Browns quarterbacks who failed to become the savior of the franchise. Cleveland is going to need a change, so trading him for Rodgers would be a smart bet.

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Admittedly, Rodgers may be a little wary of heading to a team as poor as the Browns, but Green Bay may think Mayfield may be a better choice for them than Jordan Love. The Browns, like other teams, should pay a big price, but Rodgers is giving them a better playoff shot than most QBs they’ve had in the past.

7 Stay: a new plush contract


Reportedly, Green Bay is so keen to keep Rodgers that they’re ready to sign a new deal that would make him the highest-paid player in the NFL. That would mean Green Bay would follow the same plan the Saints used with Drew Brees. , paying as close as possible to the salary ceiling, spread over several years. It may be difficult for the Packers to shell out that much, but given that Rodgers is coming off another MVP season, that money is more than an incentive to stay.

6 Traded: Pittsburgh Steelers

January 3, 2016; Cleveland, Ohio, USA; Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (7) walks on the sidelines during the fourth quarter against the Cleveland Browns at FirstEnergy Stadium. The Steelers beat the Browns 28-12. Mandatory Credit: Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

It’s a clear case of a team in need of a quick replacement at quarterback. As Ben Roethlisberger retires and the Bengals take over the AFC lead, Pittsburgh needs a replacement to stay strong. They’re making offers that would include a few draft picks and maybe offload someone like Mason Rudolph. It would be ironic given that Rodgers’ only Super Bowl win was against the Steelers, but facing the seasoned veteran could return Pittsburgh to AFC greatness.

5 Stay: The Return of Tom Clements

Tom Clements and Aaron Rodgers

A major change in the story of Rodgers’ come or go was Green Bay’s hiring of Tom Clements as quarterback coach. Clements held that position in Green Bay from 2011 to 2014, which, perhaps not coincidentally, were among the best years of Rodgers’ tenure. He was also offensive coordinator from 2012-14 and then associate head coach from 2015-16. After a brief stint at Arizona, Clements retired, but his return means Rodgers will be working with someone who knows how to handle him. and who could get him and the rest of the team back in winning condition in no time.

4 Trade: Arizona Cardinals

It looked like the Cardinals were going to be the team to beat in the NFC before falling apart in the final innings of the season. Since then, Kyler Murray has made a lot of noise saying he was unhappy with his salary despite having a great year.

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Arizona might be tempted to trade him for Rodgers with Green Bay, thinking a fresher face can help them. It would be a nifty adjustment, but it could end up benefiting both teams with a QB trade.

3 Stay: Finish your career on one team

Aaron Rodgers

Certainly, several QBs manage to swap teams in their careers. While it’s tempting for Rodgers, he can still feel some loyalty to Green Bay and knows how bad it might feel for him to end his career with another team. Whatever his issues, Rodgers seems to be proud of being a Packer and having that uniform on his inevitable bust in Canton. So while a move might work, Rodgers can decide to be a one-team star with the Packers.

2 Trade: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom Brady Bucs

It would be a great story: Right after Tom Brady finally ends his career, Rodgers takes his place to lead the Bucs to another Super Bowl. Clearly, Tampa Bay won’t want to go from a Super Bowl title and a strong playoff run to a meltdown like they were before Brady arrived. The Bucs need to make room with their salary cap and free agents, and should deliver a lot. Still, Rodgers might be tempted to jump over it and lead the Bucs to another title, if only to try and top Brady’s own move.

1 Stay: He owns the NFC North

September 9, 2018; Green Bay, Wis., USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (12) celebrates a 24-23 win over the Chicago Bears at Lambeau Field. Mandatory Credit: Dan Powers/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin via USA TODAY NETWORK

The main reason Rodgers is staying is simple: he knows he can handle this division. The Bears, Vikings and Lions are all easy victims for Rodgers (especially Chicago), which is why Green Bay has dominated the division for a decade and a half. Moving to a different team means facing different opponents that Rodgers doesn’t know as well and may not be able to adapt to. Rodgers is much better off staying in a division he can top than looking weaker by moving to another division, especially at his age.

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