The Republican Plan to Devastate Public Education in America

Thus, a wide stop canceling Plyler entirely is very plausible and would impact more than just undocumented students. It could be widely used to shrink education to the point where all public schools can afford to send a student home with nothing but a tablet and a list of online lessons to do. This would go far beyond the effects of budget cuts we are already seeing, such as large class sizes, reduced school weeks and unqualified teachers.

They would have wide discretion to refuse to educate anyone who didn’t do their homework, had disciplinary issues, struggled with technology, didn’t keep up with grade level or literally any other reason that doesn’t violate not technically federal law in an effort. to reduce costs. Doug Mastriano alluded to this, when he implied that it is not possible to educate some students because of their family life and that the state has no obligation to spend money on try to do it.

The end game gets even uglier; there are a host of predatory moneylenders and well-funded religious institutions who would like to see people take out loans to put their children in decent schools. All the GOP has to do is let the value of vouchers and ESAs stagnate, or reduce them over time, to create the education system they’ve always wanted: a system in which poor nonwhites and LGBT people cannot get a decent education, and conservative white Christians are heavily favored.

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