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Federal debt $ 28,307,633,467,792. Social Security Liability $ 21,213,496,445,151 Medicare Liability 32,903 163,694,658 $. All Democratic and Republican politicians are useless! Put the credit card away! Source, an apolitical site!

Stop! I can’t believe what’s been going on in this country since Biden was elected. Every day you get the news or read the newspaper he gives more and more money to everything. Now he gives 300 or more for each child and the low income already gets child credit for everything. Free school lunch for everyone, not just low-income people, as well as food allowances for families at home. When will it all end?

Just read the article that Penn State is removing class designation of freshman, junior, etc. I am a female college graduate and have never thought about the term “freshman”. And I’d rather be seen as an “underclassman” than a lower division (does that mean basement?) The college should be more concerned with class structure, hazing, and campus safety among other things.

—A university graduate

Anyone who receives a Covid ‘vaccine’ is participating in an investigational clinical trial, with no responsibility whatsoever on the part of the avid vaccine makers, which benefit millions.


Have you noticed that Joe Biden and his propagandists at MSNBC and CNN have stopped talking about white supremacists attacking Asian Americans? That is, he stopped after the video after the video came out of non-white supremacists brutally attacking Asian Americans – it’s no surprise to most of us, let alone our friends. of Asian origin.

: Champs Dan

I don’t know where you got your information Jamie from, but our economy was booming until our world was shut down by the virus. there was no mess to clean up with the vaccines already made when our current master took office! now that Covid is leaving, what will Biden do? maybe go to the border and maybe check it out or just pretend it doesn’t exist! he has questions to answer – oh wait he can’t!


Remember when Republican Lieutenant Governor of Texas Dan Patrick offered a million dollar reward for proof of electoral fraud and our Lt. Gov. Fetterman provided proof of a Trump supporter who voted fraudulently? Reward never paid. Republicans always make promises and break them. It would be great to give this money to the citizens of Pennsylvania. Indicate the “whataboutism” of the Sound Off posters instead of addressing this point.


Eric Crawford, 13, died Tuesday afternoon. He was shot dead in Chicago by gang members. No body cam footage, no riots, no outcry, just grieving parents. Three other beautiful kids aged 2, 8 and 14 shot the same weekend. They will survive. The toughest gun laws in the country, but gangs rule Democrat-led Chicago. Heaven forbids cops to arrest and whip gang members. To repeat this weekend.

—Rhea Sichak

After the 2020 election, we knew it would be a problem, although we didn’t think it would go so badly so quickly, but Biden has been very aggressive with his socialist policies. It seems like every day there is a new and different way the left is trying to destroy the foundations of America and the mainstream media is not saying a word about it or worse, they are endorsing all of it, which were once our protectors. .

—The truth be told

Hamlet’s quote, “The lady protests too much, it seems to me,” is about the audit / recount in Maricopa County, Arizona. The Arizona Senate is conducting an integrity audit of the November election and Republican and Democratic supervisors are trying to stop it. The verification would not void the election no matter what. Periodic forensic audits are carried out in every business, civic group, church, etc., and unfortunately, frauds are sometimes discovered.

—Michael Stern

Trump’s Middle East peace deal did not allow Palestine to sit at the table. How did he think it would work?

I keep seeing these “free little libraries” everywhere. We need to set up a committee to check them out and see what kinds of books are being distributed “for free”. At a minimum, someone should make a list of unacceptable, subversive, or otherwise dangerous books and find out who is responsible. It’s bad enough that potentially dangerous books are available in bookstores for sale, but giving them away for free would be outrageous. Eternal vigilance is the price of freedom.

I am still awaiting news from my Republican friends. The question was, what has the Republican Party ever done for the middle class in this country? When you answer, I’ll give at least half a dozen things Democrats have done over the past few decades.

On July 31 and August 7 of last year, Governor Wolf’s Chief of Staff and Deputy Chief of Staff met with representatives of the PSEA, AFT and union members. On August 10, Wolf published distance education tips for 500 school districts. Biden’s CDC guidelines for school openings were subject to approval by AFT president Randi Weingarten. A pattern? While private schools provided on-site lessons, students in public schools took precedence over political expediency.

—Mr. Furlong

Where is the Trump sign “WE NEED YOU” on Route 100? Direction north, south? East, west side? Nearest crossroads? Please “Sound Off” Contributors, make my day! MAGA!


If you need more proof of the insane radicalism of the Democratic Party, look no further than the fact that they openly support the Iranian-backed Palestinian terrorists of Hamas rather than Israel. If you are unfamiliar with the decades-long history of conflict in this region, do some research before you embarrass yourself in criticizing Israel’s right and obligation to defend itself. And stop ingesting the mainstream media and their political agendas.


I want to congratulate Governor Wolf, Madeleine Dean, Chrissy Houlahan, Joe Ciresi and Katie Muth. Thanks to you and your behavior, we have changed the Constitution of our State. You should be proud of yourself.


I believe in celebrating not having to cover your face anymore, we should have a huge “mask burn” event much like the “bra burn” events of the 60s. What do you think people?

—Jim Fitch

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