University of Arizona to absorb former for-profit online school | Subscriber

The faculty wants to be represented

In the approximately 18 months since UA first announced its affiliation with UA Global Campus, a number of faculty members have expressed concern about not being included in the talks about the deal. Although Robbins said nondisclosure agreements prevented some of this from happening initially, he is open to engaging in shared governance with faculty in the future.

“I look forward to engaging in discussions with people who continue to be fierce opponents of this,” Robbins said. “I think ultimately it’s about students and I just don’t know what the argument is for denying students the opportunity to have an education.”

Melanie Hingle, UA associate professor of nutrition and vice president of UA faculty, said at this point she had “more questions than concerns”.

Reflecting on how the original deal was handled in the summer of 2020, Hingle said the faculty “didn’t have an adequate opportunity to have consultation.”

She was at the meeting with the Faculty Senate Executive Committee on Monday when Robbins and UA Provost Liesl Folks first announced the acquisition of UA Global Campus.

“I wasn’t aware of any details even after that meeting because it was quite vague, and I think they don’t know a lot of next steps and they were looking to engage the leaders of the faculty senate to ask them how they should be working with the larger faculty and whatever happens next,” Hingle said. .”

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