What happens if there is a red wave?

4. Don Bolduc

The kind of contestants who can win in waves.

Bad candidates win in waves. If the polling momentum is correct and the late move to Republicans crescendos into a real wave, what kinds of candidates can win? Blake Masters in Arizona, Adam Laxalt in Nevada, Herschel Walker in Georgia, Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania… everything be senators in a good wave. But it could go further than that. The next state to drop out could be New Hampshire, which fell off the radar after far-right candidate Don Bolduc won the GOP nomination to challenge Democratic Sen. Maggie Hassan. Well, a number of the most recent polls show a competitive race, Hassan clinging to a 3 stitch narrow yarn in the FiveThirtyEight poll average. He could win! And in that case, we’d have a US senator closing the deal by airing the prank that students identifying as cats are allowed to use litter boxes at school. “They lick each other, they’re cats”, Bolduc said during a recent event. “And take that, take that…they put litter boxes, right?” When NBC News pressed him on why he kept saying that, Bolduc put the onus on the litter cat kids to prove they’re not litter cat kids. “I’m not backing down. OK?” he said. “You got the wrong guy. Just because they say it, they gotta prove it. Prove it.” What is a wave? A wave is when a guy like him gets a vote from a national defense policy committee for six years.

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