Why these athletes were banned from restaurants

You’d think hosting sports legends would be a marketing boon for a restaurant. However, that was not the case at Bilboquet, an upscale French restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia. According to Bleacher Report, NBA legend Dominique Wilkins was denied entry to the restaurant in May 2021. Following the incident, Wilkins took the restaurant to task on Twitter, saying the denial was not so much about his non-compliance with the restaurant’s dress code. because it was the color of his skin.

While the restaurant initially issued a statement denying the allegations, the post was later deleted. According to Fox5 Atlanta, an apology was later issued to the former Hawks star. The statement also said changes would be made to the restaurant’s dress code policy to minimize the subjective nature of its enforcement, and that staff would undergo diversity, equity and inclusion training.

Ultimately, the incident exposed the long and shameful history of how restaurants, schools, clubs and many other establishments have used dress codes to exclude marginalized groups of people by targeting clothing. usually associated with people of color (via Eater).

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